Establishment of Asia-Pacific Network for Enterovirus Surveillance

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However, none of the China-approvedproducts seek marketing approval in other countries.This situation supports a role for collaboration among Asian countries to facilitate clinical trials andlicensure of EV-A71 vaccines. Additionally, enterovirus D68 outbreaks have been reported in the USand Taiwan currently and caused severe complications and deaths. Hence, an Asia-Pacific Network forEnterovirus Surveillance (APNES) has been established to estimate disease burden, understand virus evo-lution, and facilitate vaccine development through harmonizing laboratory diagnosis and data collection.Founded in 2017, the APNES is comprised of internationally recognized experts in the field of enterovirusin Asian countries working to raise awareness of this potentially fatal and debilitating disease. This articledemonstrated the summaries of the first expert meeting, 2017 International Workshop on EnterovirusSurveillance and Vaccine Development, held by APNES in Taipei, Taiwan, March 2017.

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