Regulation of Vaccine Development in Cambodia

Dr. Phat So
Medical Doctor, Vice of Surveillance Bureau,
Department of Communicable Disease Control,
Ministry of Health,


The National Immunization Program (NIP) established EPI in 1986 under the umbrella of Ministry of Health and the program was implemented throughout the country in 1988.

The EPI comprises of BCG, HBV, OPV, DTP, HiB, PCV 13, IPV, MR and JE. HPV is on demonstration pilot study in two provinces.

NIP in Cambodia received Polio eradication certificate in 2000 and trivalent OPV was switched to bivalent OPV in 2016. IPV was introduced in 2015. In 2015, NIP obtained measles and maternal and neonatal elimination status by WHO.

Technical working group for immunization consisted of NIP, WHO, and UNICEF was created in order to coordinate activities and monitor the performances of the program.

The content is authorized by Dr. Phat So on October 29, 2017.


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