As enterovirus activity peaks, public advised to wash hands with soap and water frequently and watch for prodromal signs of complications in children with enterovirus infection

Press released by CDC, Taiwan

Date: July 25, 2017

As enterovirus activity in Taiwan gradually peaks, during July 16 and 22,2017, the number of visits to outpatient services and ER for enterovirus infection in the nation exceeded the epidemic threshold, indicating enterovirus activity has reached its peak. In addition, one new case of enterovirus infection with severe complications was confirmed. Currently, coxsackie A virus is the dominant strain circulating in the community, while enterovirus 71 continues to circulate. Taiwan CDC stresses that enterovirus is highly contagious, especially among family members. Therefore, the public is urged to heighten vigilance, wash hands with soap and water frequently, and practice good personal hygiene. Adults returning home from work are advised to change clothes and wash hands with soap and water before coming into contact with children to lower the risk of infection and transmission.

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